The project uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

  • Our quantitative analyses are based on two original datasets containing information on firm-level adoption of CSR initiatives (social policies, CSR reporting, GRI reporting, UNGC adherence and UNGC financial support); human right conduct (events of alleged human rights abuses based on the Business & Human Rights Resource Center and Sustainalytics); foreign direct investments, financial data, patent data, media exposure. The first database (SUSDATA1) includes information over the period 1990-2012 on a sample of 140 randomly selected firms from Forbes Global 2000 from the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and South Korea. The second database (SUSDATA2) includes information over the period 2003-2011 on a sample of 250 public companies from Brazil, India, Russia, China, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Our qualitative analyses counts on a qualitative dataset which has codified information on CSR reports issued by the firms in our samples. We do also conduct case study research on selected spots in the world.